Twitter Removes Dozens of Global White Nationalist Accounts

Last week, Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE) released a report documenting the proliferation of Identitarianism and Generation Identity (GI), the sprawling international white nationalist movement, on Twitter and YouTube. Identitarianism, which is pushed by Generation Identity and its dozens of chapters and thousands of adherents, argues that Muslims and migrants are replacing the “true citizens” of their countries with non-white people, otherwise known as the Great Replacement theory.

As a result of the GPAHE’s findings, Twitter deplatformed the account of Martin Sellner, the unofficial leader of the movement and head of the Austrian GI chapter, and dozens of dangerous Identitarian accounts across the globe. A partial listing:


Identitäre Österreich


Generatie Identiteit


ID Canada

Czech Republic

Generace Identity


Generation Identitær


Génération ID Lyon

Génération ID Paris


Identitäre Bautzen

IB Schwaben

Identitäre Sachsen

Identitäre Bewegung Saarland

Identitäre Bewegung Westfalen (NRW)

Identitäre Hessen

Identitäre Bewegung Berlin-Brandenburg

Identitäre Bewegung Stuttgart

IB Rottweil

Identitäre MV

IB Niedersachsen

IB Sachsen Anhalt

Identitäre Bewegung

Identitäre Bewegung Rheinland-Pfalz

Identitäre Bewegung NRW

IB Tübingen

IB Dresden

Identitäre Köln

Identitäre Bayern

IB Ulm

IB Bodensee


Identitás Generáció


Generazione Identitaria

Identitäre Bewegung Südtirol

South Africa

Generation Identity South Africa

PayPal deplatformed Ein Prozent/Laut Gedacht, which also promotes Identitarian ideas, after having previously removed most GI access.

GI adherents were angered at the termination of the accounts, with one saying in a reply to Brittany Pettibone Sellner, Martin Sellner’s American wife, “@BrittPettibone @bitchute and @Martin_Sellner It’s okay. The anti-white globalists have shown they don’t care for discussion or reason anymore. Time for debate is over. Prepare.”

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