Strengthening a diverse global community committed to exposing and countering racism, bigotry, and hatred; and promoting human rights that are central to flourishing, multicultural societies and democracies.

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Inclusive societies and democracies are under increasing attack by growing far-right movements. White supremacy, hate, and other extremist movements are influencing policymakers and infiltrating the mainstream.

Extremism doesn’t stop at a country’s borders—and neither should our efforts to halt it. The solution lies in a coordinated transnational network of anti-racist and human rights advocates working together.

The beliefs, activities, and modi operandi of hate and extremist groups—and especially their behavior online—must be freely shared with anyone who has the power to disrupt their growing influence.

The communities targeted by extremists are intersectional. Hateful actions impact all vulnerable communities, simultaneously fueling racism, anti-LGBTQI sentiment, antisemitism, xenophobia, religious discrimination, and gender bias.